MasVis analysis

Artist : LTS tekniksektion
Album title : Sweeps and beeps
Year produced (P) : 2010
Year copyrighted (C) : 2010
Mastered by : Noone, crest factors are inherently low



Detailed analysis


0-200Hz_20s_lin.wav 0-200Hz_200s_lin.wav 0-2000Hz_20s_lin.wav 0-20000Hz_20s_lin.wav 2-20000Hz_40s_log.wav 20-2000Hz_20s_log.wav 20-20000Hz_30s_log.wav impulses_10Hz_60s.wav sawtooth_100Hz_60s.wav sawtooth_1000Hz_60s.wav white_rect_noise_mono_60s.wav white_rect_noise_stereo_60s.wav white_rect_noise_wrongphase_60s.wav

Analysis by Svante Granqvist

MasVis is a free tool for analysis of mastering processing of audio files.

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